Other Services: Blinds Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, Screen repair and More

Blinds Cleaning

Many of our customers have this service done to complement our window cleaning service.  Every one from guests at your home or customers in your business appreciate clean blinds. Our blinds cleaning service is done efficiently and effectively onsite at your home or business. Our customers who choose to have this service be done on a regular schedule receive a discount.  Ask us about having your blinds cleaned today.

Gutter Cleaning

Dirty or clogged gutters are often overlooked by home and building owners. Often on job sites we find our customers gutters in poor condition.  We have ladders and tools to reach your gutters and get them clean. Our gutter Cleaning service includes all debris removed from the gutters and your entire gutter system including the flushing of downspouts.

Screen Repair 

Often times at the job site we encounter broken screens. Broken screens are not only unsightly but also but also pose nuisance pest situations. We can repair many broken screens on site.

Awning Cleaning

Over time awnings are exposed to the elements and appear worn and dirty. We can clean your in good condition awnings to restore the luster they once had. We recommend to keep you awnings clean to match your shining windows.  Customers who choose to have this service performed on a routine schedule receive a discount.

Trash and Debris Hauling

If over the years you have developed a collection of items you would be better off with out or have had some one illegally dump trash on your property we can haul it away and have it properly disposed of. Let us get rid of that unsightly mess for you in no time.






Other Services

If you don’t see what you are looking for here but think we can help you. Just ask. We will be happy to assist you if we are able to.