Power Washing


Make your home or business shine! With our power washing service. Power washing is a highly popular service that is offered by Eco-Clean Solutions. For those not familiar with what power washing is, let me explain.  A power washer is a gas powered machine which connects to a garden hose and builds the water up to high pressure. In our case 2700 psi. the operator of the machine manipulates a “wand” spraying the object to be cleaned with the pressurized water. Resulting in a clean object.  Often customers are unhappy with the appearance of the exterior of their building.  The outside of structures become dirty over time leading customers to believe painting is their only option.  This simply is not true.  Actually most buildings luster can be restored by power washing.  Clients are unaware and excited to learn of the time and money they can save by this cleaning procedure.  In most cases power washing provides the customer with a much faster and cost effective option.  Eco-Clean Solutions Has the equipment and expertise to perform this method of cleaning safely and efficiently.

Buildings are not the only thing that can be power washed. Often times Business signage becomes dirty with bird droppings, debris and general filth. Many times these signs are out of reach for business owners and managers. Not to mention unsafe to have an employee attempt to take care off. Walk ways are also a common concern for home and business owners alike gum and other grime build up over time these problems can often be made better with power washing. Let us help your guests and customers enjoy your outdoor space decks and patios look great after a power washing as well.  We are looking forward to helping you with your power washing needs.

As all ways this service is backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.