Solar Panels

Solar panels work by the suns rays making contact with the surface of the panel converting light into electricity.  When  panels become dirty the systems ability to collect light becomes diminished. This results in less renewable energy and higher electric bills.  Eco-Clean Solutions has the tools and expertise to keep your Solar panels clean. We know that reaching  difficult to get to places on buildings can be a hardship for many home and business owners. Not to mention can be time consuming and even possibly dangerous. Our team of highly trained professionals work together to safely manage this task for you. Whether your system is on the roof of your single family home on top of a multiple story business complex. We can confidently and efficiently take care of your routine scheduled cleaning.

Everyone knows that solar panels can be cost effective.  Although many do not know the importance of having these systems routinely cleaned.  Many property owners are unaware of condition of their roof top investment. Conditions such as weather, bird droppings and dirt can reduce the efficiency of your solar panels. You may not know that studies have been conducted and show clean solar panels can be up to 30% more efficient than dirty ones.  This means up to 30% more electricity is being generated by the sun.  We know that your electric bill and the environment are important to you.

Let us help your investment produce at it’s maximum capacity with our solar panel cleaning service.  Our recommendation to our customers using this service is to have their panels cleaned quarterly. By having this cleaning performed four times a year your electrical system is insured to perform at peek seasonal levels all year long. This will equate to lower electric bills and more money to use for other things.